Sardaar Tickets Turn Hot Cakes

Pawan Kalyan fans are literally counting the days for the release of Sardaar Gabbar Singh.

The euphoria surrounding the film is something that has never been seen before for any movie. Well, the hoopla surrounding Pawan’s releases is not new for the people in the two Telugu states.

Sardaar Gabbar Singh Tickets
Sardaar Gabbar Singh Tickets

Slated for release on April 8th, bookings for Sardaar are open in almost all the major areas and most of the tickets are sold out in no time, indicating the craze of Pawan Kalyan.

A few fan shows are being planned at few key areas in the Telugu states at midnight of 7th April and the tickets price starts from huge Rs 3000. The huge demand for these tickets is of late became the hot topic in the two Telugu states.

Said to be the first Telugu film to be releasing in 42 overseas countries, Sardaar Gabbar Singh is expected to create earth shattering records.

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