Sardaar Gabbar Singh Collections in First Weekend

The collections of the film ‘Sardaar Gabbar Singh’ is the latest hot topic in the town now. The makers are very much happy for the day one collection but slowly the talk turned negative resulting in less collections of the film. But finally, some how with great struggle in all the areas, the film collected a gross of Rs 61.16 crore and share of Rs 40.45 crore by the end of first weekend. The phenomenal openings on the first day when compared with next days’ collections is a big let down.

Sardaar Gabbar Singh First Weekend Collections
Sardaar Gabbar Singh First Weekend Collections

The trade experts are predicting that all Distributors and Exhibitors outside Telugu States will be facing loses counting huge amount. As of now, the film looks like running towards a disaster. Anywhere below Rs 61 crore collection would certainly end up being a big flop. With the talk spread all around, a share of 50 crore has become impossible. Here is a detailed info on the first weekend collections of the film Sardaar Gabbar Singh.

Nizam: Rs 8.60 crore
Ceeded: Rs 6.05 crore
Uttar Andhra: Rs 3.23 crore
Guntur: Rs 3.16 crore
Krishna: Rs 2.28 crore
East: Rs 3.03 crore
West: Rs 3.21 crore
Nellore: Rs 1.19 crore

1st Weekend : AP & Nizam : Rs 30.75 crore

1st Weekend : Worldwide : Rs 40.45 crore (includes USA: 3.66 crore; Karnataka: Rs 3.82 crore; Rest of India: Rs 1.20 crore; Rest of World: Rs 1.02 crore)

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