Sanusha on a career high!

Child artiste turned heroine, Sanusha Santhosh, is headed on a career trajectory that looks like it’s winding up to more fame and glory for the 20 year old in the near future. The two time state award winner – once as a child actor and the other as an adult – has two big projects lined up, with her playing pivotal roles in each!


There’s Rajesh Pillai’s Mili starring Amala Paul and Nivin Pauly, in which Sanusha plays a coworker of Nivin trying to put the ‘moves’ on him, according to reports.

Nivin himself has only a cameo appearance in the film which focuses on the titular role of Mili played by Amala. So the movie is a woman centric one carrying an underlying social message of some kind. So a heavy deal for the young actress barely out of her teens to be playing in the big leagues so soon?

Nope, not for the young girl who started off her career as a kid starring alongside veterans and national award winners like Mammootty and Mohanlal.

But even if we surmise that Sanusha might be going for the more serious roles to get away from her child ariste image, well, who can blame her in this competitive industry?

Anyways, competition being the key word here, it is indeed commendable that she landed a role in Anil Radhakrishnan Menon’s Prithviraj starrer Sapthamashri Thaskaraha, which for all intents and purposes, sounds like a fun flick choke full of thrills. Let’s not forget that this one, which tells the tale of seven thieves, also stars the Mongolian circus artiste Flower Battsetseg.

Apparently, Sanusha plays a bold young woman in this one – well, art imitating life, one guesses…

In essence, we might conclude that Sanusha, who completed her exams recently (and took time off to study as a matter of fact), is definitely a girl on the go and we might be seeing some pretty great things from her in the years to come.
Keep them movies coming!


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