Santhosh Pandit quits Govt job to focus on cinema?!

Kerala’s favorite cinema jester or the man who thrives on negative publicity, the man himself – Mr. Santhosh Pandit, the self proclaimed pioneer of the ‘new wave’ of Malayalam cinema has made what seems like a bad move – he has quit his Government job as an overseer to ‘focus’ on cinema full time!


The average movie viewer might be scared to realize that so far his films were the results of Mr. Pandit at half his potential focus! It would indeed be upsetting to think what the self anointed multi talented star of the new generation could accomplish cinematically now that he has all the time in the world to do it.

What began as something of a joke (at least to the audiences) with the low budget movie called Krishnanum Radhayum has since gone on to become a parade of horrible cinema that has made the audience positively hostile to Pandit.

On more than one occasion has the man been verbally and physically assaulted by angry viewers, but this does not seem to faze him. In fact, the more abuse he suffers, the more determined he seems to get about making his ‘mark’ in the industry as he refers to it.

Santhosh Pandit claims he has successfully accomplished a rather herculean task – to make the audiences accept a nontraditional hero; one without a fair complexion, dashing looks etc.

The audience obviously disagrees with the conclusion drawn by Pandit as his last film, Minimolude Achan, was a failure commercially and not to mention ‘critically’.

But the eager film maker is ready with his next project which releases soon titled Kaalidaasan Kavithayezhuthukayaanu, it sure looks like there is no stopping him…

One finds oneself wishing, if only the talented film makers were this passionate about cinema and frequent about getting them out… how the fans would be overjoyed.

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