Santhanam’s Mother Worried to See Him a Hero!

Yes indeed, it seems that the mother of popular comedic actor Santhanam is not one of the people happy to see him take on a hero role for the first time! No, it is not an indication of her love for him; it’s apparently because she feels that he might get fewer offers if he became a leading man.


Santhanam, who has been making a name for himself as a talented on screen comedian for the past few years now recently decided to take on the tough task of being a ‘hero’ in a movie for the first time in his career. The actor is playing the lead part in the movie Vallavanukku Pullum Aayutham, which is a remake of Telugu hit Maryada Ramanna.

The actor confesses that he had been getting leading role offers for quite some time now, but chose to decline them because none of them felt right for him. This one, he says, seemed tailor made for him and the script itself deeply impressed him.

The young comedian also explained why his mother feels the way she does. “She is worried that as a hero I might get maybe one movie a year, and that too rides on the success of this movie at the box office. Right now, as a comedic actor, I get to work in multiple movies a year and keep myself busy all year round.”

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