Rating: 2.50/5

Critic Rating: (2.50/5)

What it’s all about?
Sankham is a film that looks at faction politics and the rivalry between Sathyaraj a good man and Kota the bad man. The hero Gopichand is the son of Sathyaraj while the heroine Trisha is the daughter of Kota. How the lead pair makes their love success despite the rivalry between their fathers is the story.


The plot:
The film begins with the life of Chandu (Gopichand) who lives in Australia. He lives there with his maternal uncle Chandra Mohan. Chandu meets a brave girl Mahalakshmi (Trisha) and falls in love instantly. She does not reciprocate his love but after some wooing falls for him.  At this time Trisha is called back to India by her father as he wants to perform her marriage with Venu Madhav, son of his sister Telangana Shakunthala.


Chandu is all along led to believe that he is an orphan. But it is not so. He is the son of Sathyaraj and his father sends his son away to Australia as he does not want him to get involved in faction politics. Chandu’s mother and brother were killed by Kota and his brother Supreet.


When Chandu arrives in Kadapa and goes to meet Mahalakshmi, her father Kota sees a brilliant opportunity to settle scores with Sathyaraj. He sends Chandu to kill Sathyaraj saying that he is trying to scuttle his marriage with Mahalakshmi.


Chandu does not know that his father is alive and that it is actually his father whom he is going to take on now. Will Chandu kill his own father or will he die in the hands of his father? To know this, watch the movie.


The actors:
The film runs for a major part on Gopichand. He is known as a mass action hero but the director keeps him under check for most part during the first half by giving him a simple guy’s role. Gopichand gets into his element only when he finally gets a chance to flex his muscles to bash up the goons in Kadapa.


Trisha plays a haughty girl to perfection. However she is not seen at her best in Sankham. For most part of the film she looks dull. The chemistry between Trisha and Gopichand is not all that great. 


Sathayaraj is okay as the well meaning elderly person in the village. Kota Srinivasa Rao plays the evil faction leader and he comes up with his routine performance. Chandra Mohan and Srinivas Reddy try some comedy and it works to an extent. The comedy by Ali is okay while Venu Madhav’s comedy falls flat.


LB Sriram, Telangana Shakunthala, Supreet and others go about their jobs in a routine manner.


Best scene:
There is no one scene in the film that arrests your attention. The big fight scene in the muddy waters in a paddy field will appeal to some extent to Gopichand fans.

The bottom line!
The film will come as a disappointment for all Gopichand fans. There is not much high voltage action or his trademark punch dialogues in Sankham like in his earlier films, Shouryam and Lakshyam. The weak story and screenplay, weak comedy coupled with average music make it an average fare.

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