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Sankarabharanam 2015 Movie Review: Nikhil, can be said as the only present generation actor who is in ultimate form with three back to back hit movies with a distinct and unique concepts. He has become a source of unique concepts and different attempts in Tollywood. Kona Venkat, who lost his charm in writing with the age old routine stories is trying his luck as both writer and producer with this Nikhil’s flick. They both joined to give us “Sankarabharanam”, (Retitled/Inspired from Telugu Classic “Sankarabharanam” by Kalatapaswi K Vishwanath garu). Both pinned their hopes big on this and audience are expecting a lot from “Sankarabharanam” directed by Uday Nandanavanam! Lets see how it works on us!!

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Gautham (Nikhil) is a easy going guy. His father is a rich business man in America. His partners ditches him and he goes bankrupt. Rajjo Devi (Sitara) is Nikhil’s mother who belongs to Royal family of Mothi Nagar in Bihar. She is the legal heir for their family property in Bihar. They decide to sell and pay the debts. Nikhil comes to Mothinagar in Bihar to complete the sale. Mothinagar is famous for kidnaps and in the process of completing his sale, Nikhil gets kidnapped by a gang. What is Sankarabharanam?? How he solved his family problems?? How he escape from the hands of kidnappers and gangs forms the rest of the story.

Writing Department

Storyline of “Sankarabharanam” is thin. Screenplay is mediocre. Audience get confusion with a lot of gangs and characters. Dialogues by Kona Venkat are good in some scenes and goes overboard in some scenes. We can sum up that Kona Venkat definitely lost his charm and it’s his peak time to prove himself. Work of Writing department is average.

Anjali in Sankarabharanam 2015 Telugu Movie
Anjali in Sankarabharanam 2015 Telugu Movie

Cast and Performance

“Sanakarabharanam” is Nikhil’s one man show. He pulled off his role with ease. His acting skills are proved again once again with this movie. Right from his diction to body language, he is good. Anjali is good in her role. Nanditha as “Happy Thakur” is ok. Sanjay Mishra is good in his role. Saptaghiri is good in his role. He tried his best to generate laughs. Rao Ramesh is perfect in his role. Thirty Years Prudhvi as Paramesh is perfect. Krishna Bhagavan, Shakalaka Shankar, Viva Harsha, Praveen, Giri and other actors are good in their roles.

Technical Departments

Music by Praveen Lakkaraju is good. His background score is good. But his work is not upto the mark for this movie. Cinematography by Richard Prasad is top notch. His visuals are too good. His work can be felt throughout the movie. Editing is average. There is a lot more to edit. Art direction is nice. Stunts and sequences are good. Production values by MVV Cinema is great.


Cinemaography by Richard Prasad


Lot of Characters


Movie begins with a good pace and it begins to slow down slowly and makes audience wonder whats going on the screen. Some of the Comedy scenes involving Sapthagiri works and some fails to generate laughs. First half is below par and ends with the expected interval bang. Audience can easily predict the next scene watching the movie. Second half begins with “Daaru Peele” song and the real boredom begins now. Thirty years Prudhvi becomes the saving grace of the second half. To sumup, movie is a big disappointment for the audience who expect Nikhil’s unique story selection and Kona Venkat’s comedy.

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