Sanjay denied US visa again!

It isn’t an easy situation. Sanjay Dutt, who has had a chequered relationship at best with his New York-based daughter Trishala, won’t be able to attend her graduation ceremony, a singularly special day for Americans as parents join their children to celebrate the completion of their degrees in a ceremony titled commencement.

Sanjay Dutt’s application for his visa renewal (he had a 10-year visa to visit the United States) was rejected for the second time by the US consulate on the grounds that he was convicted for the 1993 serial blasts, for illegal possession of arms.

A source close to Dutt reveals, "The actor was very disheartened as he is unable to go to the US for his own daughter’s graduation day.

Commencement or Graduation Day is a big deal in the US and he wanted to be with his daughter on her big day.

Trishala is graduating from John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City." Ironically, Trishala was so traumatised by Sanju baba’s tryst with the legal system that she took up law as a career option. And now daddy himself will be missing.

The source continues, " Sanjay Dutt had a 10-year visa which expired. Dutt had re-applied twice but has been rejected both times.

The actor has been flying all over the world for his shoots and location scouting, but just can’t get a visa to America, which is one of the most important countries for him at the moment."

Sanjay Dutt’s manager, Dharam Oberoi, confirms and says, "Sanjay sir was very keen to attend his daughter’s Trishala’s graduation but only faced disappointment each time he applied.

He has been applying for a US visa for more than two years.

He even flew down mid-way from his shoots in Bangkok and South Africa when summoned by the consulate for impromptu interviews. Yet he was not issued a visa."

Guess it would be a lonely graduation for daddy’s girl. But wisdom comes with pain.

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