Sanjanaa Galrani to go de-glam in Malayalam!

The glamorous Sanjanaa Galrani has made a name for herself in Kannada and has a couple of Telugu flicks on the way too, but she feels her next role in Malayalam will be the most exciting one by far and that’s because the sizzling beauty is playing, for the first time in her career, a glamour – less character who speaks with her eyes!


Confused? Well, don’t be – it just means that Sanjanaa will be playing a Muslim girl who wears a burkhah throughout the movie and thus will be forced to convey most of her feelings through her eyes.

Quite an imaginative attempt, requiring a substantial amount of work for any actress; can the young starlet pull it off? She is confident she can and apparently, so is the director Ra Shafeer who selected Sanjanaa for the role after watching her performance in the Kannada film Mathe.

Now, this isn’t Sanjanaa’s first foray into Mollywood, in fact she played a part opposite Mohnalal before in a Malayalam film but she says the offers that came afterwards were just not right for her and she was holding off from committing, in the hopes of landing one just like this.

“I was offered many roles including some glamorous to some extra glamorous ones.” Says the young beauty.

The character she will play has quite the memorable name too – Badarul Muneer Husunul Jamaal!

Let us hope the actress shines in the movie and that she can make her mark among the giants in this small industry of ours.

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