Sania Mirza’s strong reply on divorce and Ram Charan news

Sania Mirza on Ram Charan Divorce

Tennis Sensation Sania Mirza gave a very strong reply to the people who commented that she is on the way to get divorce from Sohaib. Ram Charan’s name too was revealed by few media segments in the past in relation with this issue.

On this, Sania Mirza posted a pic in her social media site after long time and it has Sohaib and Sania in very good mood. Analysts stated that Sania Mirza posted this pic to say the audience that they are still united and the news on their divorce and Ram Charan is all fake.

This may stop the rumor from spreading further. If not, Ram Charan, Sania Mirza and Sohaib may take serious action on the media segments which is spreading the rumor. Great bold move by Sania!

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