Sania Mirza got good support from Tollywood celebrities


Tennis sensation, Sania Mirza got 1 Crore worth of support from KCR and TRS. This lady threw herself into bottleneck problems by accepting the offer. Soon after she took the name as brand ambassador to Telengana, issues about her nativity raised in the state.

Few people felt that Sania married Pakistani cricketer and hence her nativity gets changed. They felt that there is no point in giving the brand ambassador role to a girl who doesn’t have Indian nativity. On this, few others responded saying that Sania gifted several awards and medals to India and she took the nation to peak stage in Tennis. Hence, they felt that this tag is perfect for her.

In an interview, Sania Mirza felt quite tough to control her tears when the issue turned towards her nativity. Tollywood celebrities are now supporting Sania Mirza on this aspect. Manchu Lakshmi responded to this issue supporting Sania Mirza.

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