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July 12 (IndiaGlitz): Well-knit Indian sentiment in foreign locale

Many Indians settled in the US and are cashing in on their knowledge as they get adequate recognition to their talent there. But, many patriots grumble that they were selling their knowledge to foreigners for the sake of money. But they did not admit that it is not sale of knowledge but recognition of talent. Whatever be the case, the Indians who settled in the US, always used to feel that they were missing the attachment with their relatives in India. The same feeling was portrayed on the celluloid in a fabulous way.

Raghava Rao (Avinash) and Jagadish (Muralimohan) are brothers. Once Jagadish happens to meet a girl from the US and falls in love with her. They get married and Jagadish leaves for the US, against the wishes of Raghava Rao, who always believe that every individual should work for his own country. He feels that it is a sin to go to the US with a view to earn money. He also feels that those who settled in the US will ignore our culture and tradition and get addicted to boozing and other such maladies. Jagadish’s wife dies after delivering Sneha (Sarah) and he too suffers losses in business. So he returns to India only to face a refusal from his brother to receive him at home. Unable to do anything, Jagadish goes back to the US. Raghava Rao also had a daughter called Sanskruthi (Sindhura Gadde). Once she meets with an accident and doctors find that she was suffering from a heart disease while conducting tests, whose cure is possible only with a surgery to be performed in the US. Though Raghava Rao is reluctant to send Sanskruthi to the US, he had no option as he loves his daughter. Venkateswara Rao (Raghunatha Reddy), a family friend of Raghava Rao, speaks to Jagadish and with his help contacts Dr Gita (Suhasini). So Dr Gita and Sneha receive Sanskruthi at the airport. In the US, Sanskruthi meets Sneha’s friend Abhiram (Rohit Khurana), an agricultural scientist, who falls in love with Sanskruthi. After a few days, he proposes to Sanskruti, but the latter refuses the proposal as she knew very well that her father is against marrying a foreigner. Accidentally, Sanskruthi meets Sneha’s grandmother (Radhakumari) from whom she realises that Sneha is none other then his cousin and is the daughter of Jagadish. After a talk with Abhi, Sanskruthi realises that Jagadish and his family is not at fault. She enjoys their company. Doctors perform surgery and Sanskruthi recovers and returns to India. Does the union (Sangamam) of Abhi and Samskruthi occurred? Did Jagadish and Raghava Rao reunite? Answers to these questions form part of climax.


Though not a very handsome personality, Rohit Khurana gave a brilliant performance and he did it with very ease. He played a typical Telugu guy brought up in the US. His language has a foreign accent in English and scents well while speaking Telugu. He showed nice histrionics wherever possible and his body language is good. The director was able to grab good expressions from all his movements. Sindhura Gadde, for the first time came before the camera after bagging Miss India title. Her performance also had an admixture of subtle nuances. She is beautiful and at the same time, the director chose to use traditional costumes to depict the traditional Andhra girl. Muralimohan is the other notable performer in the film for the smooth movement of the story. Brahmanandam played yet another memorable role in this film. He played the role of an Indian, who gets tortured by a girl in the US, by taking away his passport and Visa. He played ‘Vaaralabbayi’ role in the US, who moves from house to house as guest to eke out living. All the artistes including Suhasini, Avinash, Raghunatha Reddy gave their best of performance.


MM Keeravani gave melodious tunes to all the songs. Even the background score is also done with precision and helped in elevating the tempo of the scenes. Camera work by Jayaram and S Sandeep Reddy is okay. They were near perfect because the director himself a cinematographer and knows the colour grading and lighting effects. Editing by Gauthamraju is sharp and one can’t find any unnecessary scenes in the film. Lyrics by Anant Sriram are good and has good literary value. Dialogues by Surendra Krishna too are good in parts.


The film gives the audiences a ‘feel good’ experience and definitely director Rasool Ellore’s work would get critical acclaim. But the absence of commercial and mass elements may prove costly for the producers as the film could not attract the mass audiences. It would be a definite hit in ‘A’ grade centres, but the success of the film in ‘B and C’ centres is a little doubtful. However, we can’t dismiss the success of the film, give the success of films like ‘Happy Days’ and ‘Anand’.

Cast: Rohit Khurana, Gadde Sindhura, Muralimohan, Brahmanandam, Raghunatha Reddy, Avinash, Krishna Kaushik, Anil, Anand Varma, Sivannarayana, Narsing Yadav, Raghava, Subbaraju, Suhasini, Sarah, Anita, Vijayasri, Radhakumari, and others

Credits: Lyrics – Anantha Sriram, Music – MM Keeravani, Camera – Jayaram and S Sandeep Reddy, Editing – Gauthamraju, Story and dialogues – Surendra Krishna, Script Assistance – Suresh and Prakash, Choreography – Babu and Vidya, Presents – Gavara Parthasarathy, Producers – Ramana Pemmaraju and Kripakar P Tadikonda, Screenplay and direction – Rasool Ellore.

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