Sandeep Bharadwaj turned as RGV’s “Killing Veerappan”!

Have a look at the first look of Veerappan in RGV’s Killing Veerappan movie. Sandeep Bharadwaj, a Delhi-based theatre actor played the role of Veerappan in the film and he looks like real Veerappan. It seems that Sandeep Bharadwaj has worked hard to look like real Veerappan.

Sandeep Bharadwaj as Veerappan
Sandeep Bharadwaj as Veerappan

“Sandeep has been doing tremendous preparation for his role from the smallest details of how and what Veerappan would have eaten to what kind of a psyche he would have developed living in such extreme terrain and in such extreme situations” RGV said about him

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