Sana Khan revealed her version of story on arrest

Sana Khan Arrested

Sana Khan’s arrest case is a big sensation all over India. As Sana Khan is quite popular in the South as well as in the North, media all over India aired the news of Sana Khan’s arrest. People too started looking more into this news right from the beginning.

As per the latest story, Sana Khan revealed the main aspects behind this episode. It seems that Sana Khan and her family believed Poonam Khanna as a woman with super natural powers and invested some amount of money in few cases.

When asked about that money, Poonam is reportedly bringing health issue into the picture and is joining hospital. Sana Khan stated that this is what has happened and Poonam is playing games with them. She mentioned that there are almost 8 cases on Poonam. This version kept the story in suspense. We have to see how it goes!

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