Sana Khan and his boyfriend got arrested!

Sana Khan Arrested

Hot heroine Sana Khan and her boy friend Ismail Khan got arrested on Molestation and Criminal Intimidation charges. As per the reports, media consultant Poonam Khanna filed a complaint on Sana Khan, Ismail Khan and their servant Ramu for threatening her.

As per the Police report, Khanna was dragged outside a hospital in Andheri by Ramu and the pair of Sana Khan and Ismail Khan misbehaved with her. It seems that they touched her inappropriately and twisted her limbs.

Before this incident, few more incidents were registered on Sana Khan and Ismail Khan. Recently, Ismail and Sahil Khan had a small fight in the gym. All these incidents are stated to be linked to an article which was published in a newspaper. It seems that Sana and Ismail thought that Khanna leaked some secret information to the media which led to the publication of the article. This is expected to be the reason behind the latest attack.


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