Samuthirakani, Dhansika and the seasons

Actor/director Samuthirakani is enjoying his view from cloud nine as we speak, for all the praise that has been showered on him for his performance in Dhanush’s Velai Illa Pattathaari. But to the veteran artist’s credit, he is anything but complacent.


He has already moved on to his next project in which he plans to act as well as hold the reins from the director’s chair.
The movie, which is titled Kitna, will be a unique one or at least sounds like it based on the premise.

The entire flick will be split in to four portions – each portion set in one particular season and centred around one particular character. Samuthirakani will play one such character in one of the seasons, though we do not know the details at this point.

Meanwhile, the passionate filmmaker has roped in actress Dhansikaa for another one of the seasons, essentially making her also one of the leads in the film. The rest of the characters and cast are yet to be decided upon.

Sources have reported that Samuthirakani has Amala Paul and Kannada actor Jogi in mind to fill up the two remaining vacancies for leads.

The Amala Paul choice is an interesting one and it is probably the right moment to rope the actress in.

Amala had of course previously declared that post wedding, she would not be taking on any more ‘mass masala’ type projects and will keep her time and efforts reserved for ‘character oriented’ roles. Well, the newlywed is just getting used to this new part of her life and may be Samuthirakani’s project would be just the thing that might get her interested.

It is to be noted that she played the female lead in Dhanush’s VIP, which featured Samuthirakani in a very important supporting role.

Kitna will be a film about the different elements of humanity and the subtle aspects of the human condition. The message buried in the narrative will be a socially relevant one, says Samuthirakani.

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