Sampoornesh Babu Targets IT folks!

Heavily hyped hero Sampoornesh Babu is now in news again. Few days back, his “Hrudaya Kaleyam” created sensation with respect to promotions in Tollywood. Even Rajamouli asked the media about Sampoornesh Babu. That flick was targeted at IT people as he included few technology related aspect in a hilarious way.


He made a computer from natural herbs and stated that it will clean all the virus in the system. IT folks found this concept quite hilarious and they turned into the hard core fans of Sampoornesh Babu. Now, he is coming up with a film called “” which is again an IT centric concept.

Soon after completion of his latest film “Kobbari Matta”, Sampu may go for the “Virus” film. In “Kobbari Matta”, Sampoornesh Babu is stated to have romanced almost 7 heroines. This one too is increasing the hype for the flick. Lets see how he goes more into the audience with the upcoming venture.

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