Sampoornesh Babu supporting Jabardasth Venu

Sampoornesh Babu Supports Venu

Sampoornesh Babu, the Burning Star of Tollywood, supported Jabardasth Venu in the recent tiff. It is known that the comedian Venu who is famous for his skits in Jabardasth, was attacked by people of a particular caste.

Seeing the video footage, Nagababu came into the episode take charge on the attackers. He mentioned that the attack was intentional. Soon after Naga Babu, entire Jabardasth team supported Venu and they all together raised their voice on this attack.

Now, Sampoornesh Babu too extended his support and in few days, we may expect entire Tollywood film industry to support Venu. Slowly, this issue is turning into a big controversy. Stay tuned to know where this controversy routes to.

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