Sampoornesh Babu rocked the 2014 show!

Sampoornesh Babu 2014

Sampoornesh Babu rocked the 2014 show in Tollywood. He dominated all the actors who debuted in 2014 in Tollywood. Now, this star is on the top of the list in Tollywood with respect to hype. He is competing closely with Allari Naresh in comedy genre.

Till now, it used to be like a monopoly for Allari Naresh but now Sampoornesh Babu too is in the list. He turned out to be a top star overnight with “Hrudaya Kaleyam”. Even though there are several comedians in Tollywood, who are trying to be heroes, fate didn’t help them much to be a comedy hero.

Only Allari Naresh has good track record in this genre. In 2014, Sampoornesh Babu too came on to this list in Tollywood. He may further show different angles in him in 2015. Two flicks of Sampu will be released mostly in 2015. Stay tuned for more updates.

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