Sampath Nandi using “Gabbar Singh 2” story to Ravi Teja?

Sampath Nandi Raviteja

Ravi Teja is now set to come up with Sampath Nandi’s upcoming directional flick. As per the recent talk in the media, Sampath Nandi made a story for Pawan Kalyan, which he didn’t like. Hence, Sampanth Nandi told that story to Ravi Teja and got a nod from him.

This is the story which is being heard in the media in the recent times. Few media segments mentioned that Ravi Teja got few offers in this style in the past. It seems that “Idiot” and “Amma Nanna Oka Tamil Ammai” too came to Ravi Teja after Pawan’s rejections.

Hence, this news is now heard in majority of the media segments. “Did Sampath Nandi really used the story which he made for ‘Gabbar Singh 2’ for the sake of Ravi Teja?” turned out to be the point. Looks like, Pawan recommended Ravi Teja to Sampath after listening to that story!

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