Sampath Nandi revealed the main plot of Gautam Nanda

The director Sampath Nandi is betting big on his upcoming movie Gautham Nanda. He has slowly started the much-needed promotions for this flick.

sampath Nandi -Gautam Nanda
sampath Nandi -Gautam Nanda

Sampath Nandi has given a recent promotional interview on his flick Gautam Nanda. Talking to the media, he said that he is a huge follower of the legendary persona Ramana Maharshi. He said that he was hugely inspired by the living style and the books of Sri Ramana Maharshi. In addition to that, Sampath told that he has analyzed the top Billionaires and their lifestyles. It’s then he read a news regarding a Billionaire who sent his son to Kerala and asked him to lead a common man’s life to know the real life struggles.

All these made Sampath write the plot of Gautam Nanda. So we can see the rich Gopichand who is the son of a billionaire will go all poor to experience some real life struggles. This is one hell of a perfect commercial story to score a hit.

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