Sampath Nandi decided to stay away from Pawan Kalyan’s GS2!

Pawan Kalyan and Sampath Nandi Film

Power Star’s “Gabbar Singh 2” is set to hit the screens soon. Recently, Sampath Nandi gave explanation on his decision to move away from “Gabbar Singh 2” saying that he was involved in “Kick 2”, which is set to begin soon. The clash between the dates of these 2 flicks is considered to be the reason for Sampath Nandi to move away from this project.

It is known that Sampath Nandi has been working on “Gabbar Singh 2” script from the past few years. It didn’t get materialized due to few internal factors. Now, Bobby took charge on “Gabbar Singh 2” film. Pawan is stated to have decided to allocate dates for this venture.

On the other hand, Sampath Nandi will be directing “Kick 2” with Ravi Teja in lead role. This venture too is a competitive one and hence we can expect competition between “Kick 2” and “Gabbar Singh 2” at the box office.

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