Samir Soni and Neelam’s new family member!

It’s just been a few months into his wedding, but Samir Soni already has a new family member – an adopted stray dog he has named Casper.

Samir adopted the sick street pup sometime ago, and has nursed him back to health. He has decided to keep Casper in his house.

"I adopted Casper few months back when he was just a pup. Actually, one of my friends got him to me in a very piteous state. I was so touched when I saw the small little puppy. He was wounded and was unable to walk properly, I knew had to do something for him and spontaneously decided that I had to adopt him," said Samir, who was last seen in ‘Bigg Boss 4’.

However, he feared the reaction of his wife, actress-turned-jewellery designer Neelam.

"I was unsure of how Neelam would react to a pet being at home, but today he has become an integral part of our family and we can’t imagine life without him," said Samir, adding that it was Neelam who named the dog Casper.(IANS)

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