Sameera goes de-glam

Sameera Reddy is all set to go de-glam for the first time in Anant Mahadevan’s Red Alert and believes it to be the most difficult role that she has ever attempted. “It’s different from what I am like in person. In my recent films like Musafir and De Dana Dan I didn’t have to do much so I just breezed through. In Red Alert I was upset for a day as I didn’t talk to anyone at home post the filming of a rape scene,” says the actress.

Sameera, who plays a naxalite in the film says that she relied completely on the director of the film for her role. “I didn’t know much about the issue and have only heard about it through newspapers and the electronic media. I realised a lot about them only after I played the role. Nobody is born a terrorist. You become one because you go through such situations. But then there is no justification for violence or killing. I feel bad for these people but that does not justify violence. Osama Bin Laden was humiliated but then there is a way you deal with pain. You can’t just go and blow up people,” says Sameera.

She is glad that directors are finally writing such hard-hitting roles for heroines. “Earlier such roles for heroines were very rare. Rani changed the perception that heroines are only meant to be glamorous. In every glamorous actress there is a good actress who is not given a chance,” says Sameera who is quite busy doing films in the South Indian film industry these days.

“I do get a lot of offers here, but they are repetitive. Hence I prefer doing films down south. My Tamil film Varnam Iram with Surya has been chosen as the best film of the year and I am happy with the film offers I’m getting in the South Indian film industry. I have also completed Nagesh Kukunoor’s Yeh Hausla which is yet to be released,” she says.


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