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It is obviously clear that debutante director Ravi C. Kumar took the cue from none other than Ramgopal Varma before jumping into "Action". Faithful to the tract, the hero in this movie is a Samanyudu. The formula goes thus: Don’t hit the layman. He will hound you to the finish. Though the story has some relief and variety, its treatment in screenplay and direction is rendered feeble.  


Chandra (Jagapati Babu) is the editor of a daily "Addam" (Mirror). Though he lives a normal life without getting into rifts, circumstances force him to stand by the poor and downtrodden in the society. Now, his objective is clear: Exposing the misdeeds of the corrupt politicians. He is assisted by his friends played by (Rajiv Kanakala, Dasari Arjun and Archana) who get the scoops. The editor’s focus is on the Home Minister Raju (Saikumar), the villain, who had killed his dad. The hero adopts all sorts of methods to check the baddies. How Chandra teaches a fitting lesson to the villain and puts a checkmate to corruption forms middle and climax of the story.   


Jagapati Babu did the journalist’s role with an aim to root out corruption with vigor. Clearly observed, "Samanyudu" is just an extension of SV Krishna Reddy’s "Athade Oka Sainyam".Kamna Jetmalani’s role holds no much importance. But, she is nice on song sequences.Saikumar did the role of the villain with ease. Other supporting characters Rajiv Kanakala, Dasari Arun Kumar and Archana did well. Ranganath appears as the father to the hero.   MS Narayana and Subhasini worked out the comedy vein.

Technical Values

There is absolutely no originality in story, screenplay and direction. Debutante Director Ravi C Kumar tried his level best to imitate the tastes of Ram Gopal Varma in tackling most scenes in the film.Though the story is a normal fare, he gave a little twist in the climax, bring a sentimental change on the villain. Unlike regular revenge themes!.The first half tests the audience patience, while the second half provides a name’s sake relief.  Songs and Music departments are not adequately stuffed. Comedy is weak. Cinematography is good.


The movie is opened to a weak talk. However, it can cater to the taste of a segment of the audience who might like the RGC style.

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