Samantha’s stunning statements on Swetha’s prostitution


Swetha Basu Prasad’s prostitution case turned into a debate aspect in Tollywood film industry. Heroines are now shooting back their comments on this aspect. Samantha stated that the career path is entirely the choice of an actress. In her view, there is both bad and good in the world and it is entirely the individual choice to go upon.

As Shwetha Basu Prasad chose a wrong path, she was in trouble or else, she would have been a top heroine in Tollywood. Samantha stated that Tollywood film industry is one of the most safest arenas for heroines. Unlike other industries, this industry doesn’t expect much glamour apart from giving opportunities to the freshers.

Samantha too came up with a slow start and finally blew up the box office with blockbusters. She knows how an upcoming heroine can transform into a top star in Tollywood. With her experience, she stated that it is the decision of Shwetha but not the flaw in Tollywood.

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