Samantha’s nose surgery details

Tollywood beauty Samantha Prabhu is now going to London for the final sitting of her nose surgery. This is presently the talk in the tinsel town. As per the information, Samantha underwent nose surgery to make her face look more beautiful.


Soon after “Brindavanam”, Samantha’s face got changed and the main reason for this is stated to be the nose surgery. Now, buzz is in the media that this beauty is going to London for the final sitting of the nose surgery. If sources have to be believed, Samantha’s nose will become more sharper with this final sitting.

If this happens, we may see new Samantha in the upcoming venture. She is facing series of flops in South India and her nose surgery may increase her glamour further and may fetch her good set of hits in the industry. Few people were saying this as a good luck aspect to Samantha. Lets see how it goes!

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