Samantha’s interesting statement on Amala Paul

Samantha and Amala Paul

Gorgeous beauty Samantha gave several interesting statements in the recent “Koncham Touch lo Vunte Chepta” show. Her statement on Amala Paul is one of the interesting ones in this episode. When Pradeep asked the question on dressing sense of the actresses, Samantha revealed that Amala Paul improved her dressing sense in the recent times.

She indirectly stated that Amala Paul lacks dressing sense in the past. This naughty and cute beauty further stated that she will call the actress in person and will explain everything apart from saying sorry. This shows naughty nature as well as the cuteness in this beauty.

With this show, audience got convinced that Samantha is a mixture of all interesting emotions. She has caring nature apart from the above mentioned attributes. This episode has been an interesting one on the small screen.

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