Samantha’s hottest challenge to Hansika

Samantha increased her glamour quotient and is trying to bag Kollywood market towards her side. There is a buzz in the media that this beauty came out with 2 piece bikini in “Sikandar”. If this is the case, Samantha is expected to be on top of the list in Kollywood film industry.


The situation will turn tough for Hansika to get back to her position in that industry. It is known that Hansika is the top actress in present Kollywood. Even though, there are several senior heroines, Hansika is having her own position as lead actress in Kollywood. If Samantha comes up with this avatar, it will be a hottest challenge for Hansika to prove herself.

To prove herself as a glam doll, Hansika too may need to come out with bikini in Kollywood. “Will Hansika accept this hottest challenge from Samantha or will she divert her attention towards non glamorous flicks?” turned out to be the point. Stay tuned for latest updates.

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