Samantha’s future plan worrying her fans!

Samantha Prabhu, who is now the most popular actress in South India, is now getting ready for marriage. As per the recent updates, Samantha gave a statement in one of her interviews saying that she is aspiring to pack up from film industry after 3 years.

Samantha Marriage and Kids

This is now worrying her fans. She gave few other interesting statements that she is aspiring to have a kid soon after her marriage and she loves it to be a baby girl. Samantha humorously explained the concept of being mother at a late age. Regarding her relationship, she said that she is already in relationship from the past 2 years.

Samantha’s show in “Koncham touch lo vunte chepta” turned out to be a big hit with respect to TRP ratings as well as sensational aspects. So fans, make up your heart to believe the fact that Samantha will be moving out of heroine roles after 3 years.

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