Samanthakamani Review

Rating: 3/5

Critic Rating: (3/5)

Movie Name Samanthakamani
Movie Cast Nara Rohit, Aadi, Sundeep Kishan, Sudheer Babu
Director Venki
Music Director Mani Sharma
Production Company Bhaya Creations
Release Date July 14, 2017

Young heroes Sudheer Babu, Aadi, Nara Rohith and Sundeep Kishan played the lead roles in the film Shamanthakamani. The film is directed by Sriram Adithya who made his directional debut with the film Bhale Manchi Roju. The film is produced by Anand Prasad V on Bhavya Creations banner. The film has music scored by the veteran Mani Sharma. There is a positive buzz on the movie from the beginning. The film released today in the theatres and check out the review on the film here.


Shamanthakamani Telugu Movie Review
Shamanthakamani Telugu Movie Review

The film’s story revolves around the theft of a rich Rolls Royce vintage car. At a rich and posh pub, four people Krishna (Sudheer Babu), Shiva (Sundeep Kishan), Karthik ( Aadhi) and a Car Mechanic ( Rajendra Prasad) becomes the suspects of the car theft and the car belongs to Krishna. CI Ranjith (Nara Rohith) steps in to take up the case and starts investigating it. What happens then? Who is responsible for the theft? forms the rest of the film’s story.

Casting and Performances:

The four actors who played the lead roles (Sudheer Babu, Sundeep Kishan, Aadi and Car Mechanic) have equal roles and no one’s role is dominating the other one. All of them have performed well and added the good interest. The senior actors like Rajendra Prasad and Suman also did well in the movie and extended their support to the lead cast. The female beauties Chandini Chowdary and Jenny Honey are good in their roles.

Writing Department

A still from Samanthakamani
A still from Samanthakamani

The writing of the movie is good but it could have been a lot better in terms of the screenplay and story-telling. The dialogues are very nice and catchy.

Technical Aspects

The technical aspects of the film are also very good. The film has good cinematography by Sameer Reddy. The senior’s camera work really helped the film look rich. The editing is okay. The duration of the film could have been chopped off for some five minutes. The music by Mani Sharma is okay but he did impress with the Background Score. The production values of the movie are rich.


Camera Work

Slow Narration
Few ups and downs in Second Half

The film Shamanthakamani is a very well directed movie that stayed loyal to the genre called a thriller. Though there are so many other films that came in this similar genre, we will enjoy this very much when compared to the others. There is a good storyline in the film but even though it was thin, the director tried his best to narrate it in the best possible manner. All the four lead actors have given their career best performances in the movie. The film did have an amazing BGM by Mani Sharma which helped the film to grow to a next level. The taking value of the movie is also certainly very high. On a whole, the film offers a completely different viewing experience for the audiences in the thriller genre. Finally, the film is a package of good emotions laced with some thrilling elements which is a good watch for this weekend.

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