Samantha turning into a professional horse rider!

Samantha Horse Rider

Samantha Prabhu, the actress who enthralled audience with youthful entertainers and is moving ahead with more romantic flicks, is now looking at historical backdrop flicks. Looks like, Samantha got an offer from this genre and this lady is now learning horse riding.

As per the latest talk, Samantha is going to horse riding classes and she is seriously learning horse riding. In a recent interview, Samantha stated that she will leave film industry after 3 years. May be, this beauty is trying to cover all the genres before leaving the industry.

Interestingly, Anushka came up with such approach in the form of “Arundhathi” and she was not able to leave film industry till date. If Samantha too goes in this style, she too may postpone her marriage for the sake of top level film offers!

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