Samantha, The Second Mother of Ansh

Little things give much happiness. This statement suits for celebrities because they can’t go around and explore the world because of their stardom. Hence, they look at it in little things like playing with kids. One actress who falls perfectly in this category is Samantha. Actress Samantha was seen playing with Sitara at the audio launch of Brahmotsavam and with Abhay Ram on the sets of Janatha Garage. She extremely transforms herself into a kid while playing with them.

Samantha with Neeraja Kona Son
Samantha with Neeraja Kona Son

Now, the ongoing buzz in the film industry is that Samantha is acting as a second mom to a kid named Ansh. He is Neeraja Kona’s (personal stylist and designer of Samantha) son, and Samantha spends the maximum of her time with Neeraja and in the process she became very close to Ansh. On a funny note, even Neeraja also comments that Sam is Ansh’s second mother.

Samantha is currently busy with the promotions of the film Brahmotsavam and is awaiting the success of A.Aa.

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