Did Samantha sign 6 Crores inner wear deal?

Samantha Inner Wear Deal

Samantha is stated to have signed a deal of almost 6 Crores for an inner wear brand in South India. This news caught the headlines few days back and it turned sensation as a heroine getting 6 Crores deal that too for ads is not a small deal.

Samantha mentioned that the news of 6 Crores deal and the inner wear ad is just a rumor. She further finalized that she didn’t sign any such big deal and that too for inner wear ad. Samantha trashed it completely calling it as a baseless rumor.

Previously, similar news appeared in the headlines with Kajal’s name and 2 Crores deal. Of course, Kajal didn’t say anything about it at that time. We have to wait for some more time to know whether that news is a rumor or a real.

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