Samantha out from Manirathnam’s film!

Cute actress Samantha, who has been initially roped for the female lead role in Manirathnam’s film, has been out from that project now.Now Samantha is not acting in Manirathnam’s current bilingual film becuase the director feels that Samantha is looking much older than the movie hero Gautham, who is a son of yesteryear hero Karthik.

As per the sources Manirathnam was already shot few scenes on Samantha and he was not happy with the Samantha’s look in the film and he also found that she’s looking much older opposite the young hero Gautham, so he replaced now Samantha with another new girl Tulasi, who is younger daughter of yesteryear actress Radha.Now Samantha has missed the chance to act in Manirathnam’s film.

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