Samantha and Mehreen says NO for Cameras

Anti Spy Cameras campaign is currently trending in the city. Heaven Homs Society has organised an Anti-Red Eye campaign yesterday where the film actor Sana participated and conveyed her view. The organization has been campaigning heavily by asking people to give a missed call to 8099259925. Actress Sana launched the brochure for the campaign.

Samantha and Mehrene
Samantha and Mehrene

“Spy cameras have become a threat to the safety of the ladies in the society. Samantha and Mehreen Kaur were also upset with these cameras and they were also a part of our campaign. A lot of people can be able to buy them online for a lesser price which has to be stopped. The spy cameras are being misused which has to be controlled and there should be a proper license for those who buy and sell these cameras.” said Sana,

The event was also attended by the society founder G Varalakshmi, Agriculture Market Chair Person Bhuvaneshwari and senior advocate Radha Rajeswari.

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