Why Samantha increased her exposing levels?


Samantha, who was seen in less exposing characters is now extending her exposing boundaries. As per the reports, the skin show quotient of this beauty raised to high level in the recent times. “Why Samantha increased her exposing levels?” turned out to be a debate point.

It is known that Samantha is getting good set of offers in South India. Recently, Rajamouli too tweeted that he didn’t take Samantha into “Bahubali” just because she said she is busy. In this peak stage of career, “Why is Samantha going for high glamour quotient roles?” is the point.

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Generally, heroines will start exposing once they lose their offers in the market. Analysts are saying that there is strong reason for Samantha to go for exposing. As per the their reason, Samantha came up with ultra-glamour role in “Alludu Seenu” as she took high remuneration. She is doing the same for “Sikandar” as she is keen on
getting No.1 position in her home ground, Kollywood.

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