Samantha gives a clue on relationship status with Siddharth

Samantha Siddharth Break Up

Samantha Prabhu gave a clue to the media on the relationship status with Siddharth. From the past few days, there has been a discussion in the media that Samantha is in relation with Siddharth and the two were set to get married. Even in a recent TV show, a popular anchor humorously commented on this topic before Samantha.

Recently, Samantha shot back to the media saying that Siddharth has been her good friend and she mentioned Siddharth as a great guy. An article was published in the media on this and Samantha stated that she is not a victim. She asked media to stop being on the side of either hero or the heroine.

She stated that there won’t be further clarification on this topic and she told media that few segments are digging more into their personal space. Looks like, the people got a clue from Samantha on her relationship status with Siddharth.

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