Samantha Gets Married

That’s right! For years there were rumours about the actress dating Siddharth going around but now, there is an official confirmation to this piece of news. Read on..


The rumours had been floating around for quite some time now. But now, an official reply has been given to play down all of this. “Siddharth and Samantha are already married!”

From the past few days, rumours mills were running over time stating that Siddharth and Samantha have already got married.

Also it is heard that the actress’ dates are being managed by her father-in-law, aka Siddharth’s dad. Though there is suspense over this from the couple’s side, Siddharth decided to speak up.


“So many random rumours are surfacing about me and my family in these past few days. Used to bother me a lot, but I think I’ve become numb now. Have some respect”, says Siddharth, taking a straight dig at all the rumours.

He also responded to some earlier rumours that claimed Siddharth is a father of teenage children through his first marriage.

“Similar lies were written about me a decade ago which led to people still believing that I have teenage children. One irresponsible article goes a long way”, he added.

However, seeking a full stop to all the rumours Siddharth indirectly promised that he will let everything know once he settles down in life, pointing out that the 35 year old actor is struggling now.

There was no official response from him on “Siddharth and Samantha’s marriage” ! Well, he sure seems to be liking to play Hide and Seek with the media.

Only time will tell where this couple are headed to.

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