Samantha Feelings on Romance!

Sexy beauty Samantha, who turned out to be the top actress in Tollywood is now aiming to grab the Kollywood box office too with the film “Sikandar”. This flick is slated to hit the screens tomorrow. She recently shared her words at heart with the media saying that romance on screen is all temporary.


She stated that there won’t be real feelings involved while doing romance on the sets. She explained further saying that as all the people will be watching them in the set, original feelings will get dominated by the sense to act. It is known that Samantha increased her glamour dose in the recent flicks and this raised the levels of romance quotients in the ventures.

Hence, media and the fans got the doubt whether on screen romance will trigger real feelings in the stars. Finally, Samantha cleared the doubt with her cute statement. This lady is set to occupy top place in Kollywood with “Sikandar”. Lets wish her all the best!

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