Samantha cries in public!

Yes it’s true! Actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu cried a couple of days back in public – at the airport – to be exact. But don’t worry it wasn’t because something bad happened or somebody hurt her feelings.. well, yes and no.


If you remember a few days ago, Bollywood bombshell Priyanka Chopra had revealed the trailer for Mary Kom, her upcoming movie based on the female boxer by the same name. The lovely Priyanka underwent a total transformation, physically and mentally, for this role and the results were amazing.

The critics, fans and her peers all have applauded the stunning look and feel of the movie and her performance in it. So the past few days have been good for Priyanka, to say the least..

Now, getting to the matter at hand – Samantha had not seen the trailer, obviously not by choice but being the busiest girl in tinsel town has its price, let’s say.

Therefore, it just so happened that it was at the airport, while she was waiting to catch a plane that the lovely starlet saw this trailer for the first time, and surprisingly, not only did she like it but she was so moved by it that she cried – in public!

Being the social media enthusiast that she is, she immediately posted this update:

Just teared up in public at the airport watching the trailer of Mary Kom.i don’t know why I don’t know how to explain it. But what a feeling.

Anyway, it is indeed heart warming to see that the glitz and glamour of the business hasn’t desensitized our stars to the extent that they themselves can’t enjoy the simple things like we do.

Celebs too, it seems, are just fans when it comes to the magic of cinema!

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