Samantha crazy about Mahesh Babu

"Ye Maya Chesave" movie heroine Samantha is Crazy about Mahesh Babu, but that is Hero Naga Chaitanya’s dialogue in "Ye Maya Chesave ".Remember the dialogue "I am Crazy about u" said by Naga Chaitanya in ‘Ye Maaya Chesave’. Now same is repeated by Samantha but proposing Mahesh Babu.

She is heart pound follower of Prince it seems. Samantha said to Manjula that she likes Mahesh Babu so much in YMC Sets.

Manjula asked Samantha, will you do movie with Mahesh? Heroine Surprised and unknown what to do it seems. Samantha said, "I wished to see Mahesh at least once in my life but doing film with Mahesh making unbelievable. This is memorable moment for me".

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