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A truly magical and spellbinding action movie, Salute will surely have a hypnotic effect on everyone who watches it. Salute, Puratchi Talapathy Vishal’s latest flick casts him as a super-hero, a super human, a super cop out to change the world. The movie begins with a dedication to the entire Police force. This simple act shows the crew’s involvement and responsibility in handling the theme. In addition to perfectly shaping his role as a hero who is so clear about his skills and reach, Vishal has also understood the potential of his co-stars and has helped them perform to their peak in the film. As a result, Salute shines with the performances of the entire cast and the dedication of the crew.

Satyam (Vishal) is the Assistant Commissioner of police who takes charge in the city police station. Tough and straightforward, he is also a warm and caring son devoted to taking care of his physically-challenged mother. Just after he joins for duty, the department is given clear directions for some urgent shooting ‘encounters’ to eliminate some hard-core criminals. But AC Satyam upsets the police plans and saves those menacing rowdies from the police. When everyone is piqued by his behaviour, Satyam offers an explanation saying that the keepers of law are supposed to uphold it, not misuse it. The department is convinced by his logical explanation.

The next challenge for Satyam comes when the Chief Minister becomes unwell. This results in a severe tug-of-war within the party as to who will take his place. There are three party leaders in line for the top post. This results in a lot of political unrest and affects the law and order situation in the state. Satyam is called to handle this sudden unrest. Meanwhile, the problem takes a threatening shape when one of the power-hungry politicians (Kota Srinivasa Rao) chooses to appoint his goon Dilli to eliminate the other aspiring candidates. But things don’t go as planned for the politician since these plans are derailed by Satyam.

Instead of Dilli, an unknown killer eliminates the politicians. Dilli and the minister panic; they realize that they lives are also at stake. The minister ropes in Satyam for his protection and for the investigation of the murders. Satyam digs through the maze and during the mission, he meets the killer face-to-face.

An ensuing flashback reveals the background of the killer as well as his connection with the super cop. What is the connection? How is he linked to Satyam’s tormented past? Does the meeting revive any old confrontations? Do Satyam’s usual stratagems work in toning down the killer’s angst and goal? Who wins at last – Satyam, the principled cop or the merciless killer or the power-crazy bunch who is all set to clamber to the top? Watch the action extravaganza to know!

At the prime of his career, Vishal has indeed entered a challenging domain; his hard work and action spell nothing but success! Watching him making those adroit moves and stunning action bits which pack so much perseverance and control or those fluent knock-outs, cuts and thrusts in the manner and style of a master fighter is to know what real action is all about. Nayantara adds gloss to each and every frame of Salute. With her dazzling looks and with a meaty role as the smart TV journalist, she scores a significant success in Salute. Upendra’s character is one which brings in the surprise element in the story. Watch the movie to know all about it! This multi-talented actor also has given a sterling performance in Salute.

R.D. Rajasekar’s cinematograph, particularly in the Vishal-Nayan hot song sequence (which also includes Vishal’s shirtless six-pack sequence!) as well as all through the action scenes, is just amazing. Harris’ music, particularly the re-recording bits, are wonderful and effective to stir excitement. The sudden twists and sharp and surprising turns add to the strength of the movie. Director Rajesekar’s eloquent and thrill-a-minute touches are indeed remarkable.

Honest policeman Satyam’s rise, projected from his humble beginnings, is packed with punch and style. He makes a considerable impact as a devoted son, a romantic partner as well as a result-oriented cop. However, the best aspect of the cop role is that he puts forth some prudent, logical and feasible thoughts in addition to being disciplined. Of course, Vishal’s physique is what makes the dynamics of the role fully convincing. So on the whole, AC Satyam succeeds as a super-hero plus super-cop.

Salute is indeed a spectacular production from the GK Films Corporation stable. Of course, the movie’s success will be shared equally by each and every one who has worked with profound involvement in chiselling this action saga!

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