Salman’s hit and run case trial postponed to 28th

Salman Khan’s trial over his 2002 Hit and Run case that was scheduled today was once again postponed. Salman attended the court, clad in white and blue denim jeans, to face the trial and the examination. However, investigating Officer Rajendra Kane informed the court that since police were all deployed on the Election duty, they were not in a position to go ahead with the trial.


This accounts for the second time that the trial was adjourned. The first trial was to happen on March 26th which was postponed to April 1st as the three witnesses in question to be examined did not show up in totality. The session’s court then postponed the trial for today, which once again, failed to see the proceedings happen.

Salman Khan, who sat with his bodyguard and sister Alvira, waited patiently while the decision to postpone was announced. The actor has been in the news a lot off late, for genuine reasons. His campaign supporting the cause, Being Human, Veer fetched as much as 1 crore rupees in funding to support the individuals with physical disabilities. Khan was also constantly in news for his kind gesture here and there seen live in public.

IN 2002, Salman Khan was charged with Hit and Run after he rammed his SUV into a pavement near Bandra that has some workers sleeping on it. Salman was announced to be in an inebriated condition while driving, and the ramming of the vehicle caused three injuries and one casualty.

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