Salman’s comments irked Southern movie audiences

The Bollywood star hero Salman Khan has once again given some work for his loose tongue. This time, he has hurt the feelings of entire South Indians.


Salman was questioned regarding the success of Baahubali-2 in international level. This controversial star hero didn’t take much time to claim that North Indians are the reasons for the success of Baahubali-2. Salman dared to say that South Indians only love to watch their regional films and they won’t encourage Hindi films and Hindi heroes. He went further and said that North Indian viewers, unlike South Indians, will encourage all the films if the flicks have content. Now his comments are taken in a serious tone by some Southern movie lovers.

They are saying that all his blockbuster hits in his career have become hits in South as well as North. However, he should check the facts before he accuses the southern Indian fans.

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