Salman will watch Rascals

Salman Khan wants to watch his buddy David Dhawan’s Rascals before he leaves for Dublin to resume shooting and the director in the meantime is ensuring that the film is screened for all and sundry.

Salman incidentally never watches any film. But since this is his soul-brother Sanjay Dutt’s first production, Salman is willing to make an exception.

"Salman is very disturbed by the recent reports suggesting a rift between him and Dutt. He wants to somehow fit a screening of ‘Rascals’ in his airtight schedule, so he can recommend the film to his fans. It’s the least that Salman can do. David was overwhelmed to hear this, since he knows Salman doesn’t watch films," says a source.

David spent a delightful Saturday evening with Salman, Ajay Devgn and Sanjay shooting for Bigg Boss.

"We all become the Rascals on the set. It was Salman and Sanju’s first day of shooting for the show. Seeing their camaraderie I’ve decided to cast them together in a comedy," David says.

While other directors and producers tend to be ultra-secretive refusing to let a single soul watch their films before release, David has gone the other route with his new comedy.

Every single day there are two-three screenings for friends, friends of friends, and friends of those friends.

In fact there are so many screenings that Sanjay, who turns a full-fledged producer with Rascals has cancelled plans of an elaborate premiere.

David says he is fearless about adverse reports on Rascals being messaged to the audience.

Reasons the simple and straightforward storyteller, "What is there to hide? If my film is funny and interesting I can tell by the preview audiences’ reactions that they are entertained. If my film is not interesting then no power on earth and no amount of secrecy can rescue it."

David says there are three sets of previews for Rascals happening simultaneously.

"My friends, Sanju’s friends and Ajay’s family and friends are holding screenings every day. We want as much feedback as possible," he adds.(IANS)


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