Salman Turns Toy For Ahil

Salman Khan might be a huge star for India who has international fame. But when it comes to his nephew Ahil, he is merely Ahil’s favorite toy.

Salman Khan and Ahil
Salman Khan and Ahil

Salman Khan’s younger sister Arpita Khan Sharma has been married since 2014. After a year, she has a baby boy, and they named him as Ahil. Right from his birth, Salman has grown immense love and attachment towards his nephew Ahil. He has been playing with him whenever he has time. The recently released pictures of Instagram is flooded with Salman and Ahil’s pics. Ahil is seen playing on Salman’s chest, his face and chewing Salman’s lucky bracelet. These pics reveal that Salman is the favorite toy or Ahil and they grew a great bonding with each other.

As of now, Salman became free after the wrap of his upcoming flick ‘ Tube Light’. He is spending his time with his Ahil. Fans of Salman are exciting to see master Ahil and they are saying that he is the junior Salman in the future. They are expecting that Ahil will be the heir of Salman’s legacy as Salman is still unmarried being 51.

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