Salman trolled for launching a Driving school

Bollywood super star Salman Khan has opened a driving school in Dubai recently. Leaked photos of this event created a stir among the social networking sites

Salman launching a Driving school
Salman launching a Driving school

In the year 2002, Salman has accused of killing a man who is sleeping on the footpath. This Hit and Run case haunted him many years, but he cleverly escaped by creating a proof that he didn’t drive the car. After all these years, as he opened a driving school, netizens fired on him with their ridiculous comments. They say that Salman opening a driving school is like Gurmeet Singh Baba opening a woman protection center. Some crossed the line and said that he might teach how to kill sleeping people on the road in this driving school.

Not stopping there, haters of him linked this event to another popular case of hunting deer. They say that after opening the driving school, he will open hunting school.

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