When Salman took three days to record a song!

Whatever Salman Khan does is a trend and is accepted by the masses with open arms. Be it action, romance, dance, or for instance singing. After having crooned for his films, Superstar Salman Khan reveals that he took around three days to record the song ‘Hangover’.


Yes! Salman, who refers to himself as a bad singer, says he loves to sing, only when it comes naturally to him and not when forced. But for ‘Kick’ he recorded the song in three days. Not only this, he even gives away that Wajid used to sing and he used to promptly follow.

Salman says had it been a professional singer he would have recorded the same songs ‘Hangover’ in an hour or so, but he took three odd days. And that too he didn’t like the way it sounded. But Sajid-Wajid, assured him that it will turn out well. And surely it did!

We all are under the ‘Hangover’ of Salman’s voice!

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