Salman to the rescue!

Salman Khan rescued brother-in-law Atul Agnihotri on the sets of ‘Bodygaurd’ when Kareena Kapoor fell ill.

Salman wasn’t required on sets on that particular day because his co-star Kareena’s solo portions were being filmed, but shooting came to a halt after she fell ill.

"The shooting had come to a halt since Kareena fell ill and Salman wasn’t expected till much later. A lot of time would have been wasted and nearly 200 people would have been left hanging if it weren’t for Salman’s quick thinking," said a source.

In order to make it on time Salman took the same helicopter that had flown him to Jaipur that morning back to Pune.

Said Atul: "Salman bhai saved a day’s shooting for us after Kareena fell ill and was advised two days’ bed rest. We were canning a song that day and so I didn’t have a supporting cast to fall back on. I requested Salman bhai to return early and he was back by the time we’d finished lunch. And we shot some solo portions with him."(IANS)

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